You will discover artists once in a while, who know how to refresh a genre in a cool manner. A big influence of Nigerian singer Sinach was one of the greatest examples of contemporary Christian music.

She has sky-rocked the African gospel to a mainstream audience with her hit song ‘Way Maker.’ This certainly paved the way for refreshing artists like ‘Worship Kulture’ to introduce us all to cool and happy gospel Afro-pop sounds. Will their new self-titled EP also make substantial waves in mainstream gospel music?

Worship Kulture is a contemporary experience of worshiping the gospel created to publish a new brand of a gospel sound.

The outreach is a merger of contemporary, urban, and traditional Afro-centric music of the gospel.

From contemporary and urban worship to smooth Afrobeat Gospel sound, the unique signature of Worship Kulture is the various collaborations of talented musicians with different musical backgrounds

As a professional creative director and producer, the creator (Chris Sanni) prides himself. Indeed his ingenuity in the creative space is his ability to create and fuse different sounds for multi-talents.

According to Chris Sanni, “My apostolic grace is to go into the world to publish the gospel, and that many may come to know God by His grace upon me, and for this reason, the traditional way of doing gospel music is not my course.”

Farahan is Debut EP’s second single. A song that truly honors its title’s meaning, which means it has been revealed. You are suddenly taken into an atmosphere of triumph when listening to the amazing elements of an Afro-pop rhythm at mid-tempo.

It sets the right expectations for the features of the entire EP successfully, simply a high-quality African gospel EP for a global audience.

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