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Why I Went Back To Kiddwaya Hours After Breaking Up – Erica Opens Up

Kiddwaya – Erica

BBNaija housemate, Erica, has given the reason why she reignited the romantic relationship between her and Kiddwaya.

She says she can not abandon Kiddwaya for as long as she sees him in the house all the time.

Remember, last night, the new friendship between the two was looking to crash. She had told Kiddwaya on Wednesday night that they should just go back to being friends.

But Erica said breaking up with Kiddwaya won’t work in a conversation with Laycon, who is also desperately trying to have a relationship with her, too.

Laycon said, “I feel like this is my time to know new things about myself as I have never before been in this kind of situation [fallen in love]. As I said I can run really quickly [when a girl proves to be hard].

In reaction, Erica said, “This house is too small to run [for one]. Even me, I would have [run]. Like if we were out there and meet someone like Kidd, I think that what I would have done is not trying to see him. If I’m trying not to see him I’m going to be in charge [of myself] but I have to see him every day here. I guess that’s the situation we’re in here.’

Erica then left Laycon and moved back to Kiddwaya


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