A 15- year- old boy identified as Blessing Ndubueze allegedly stabbed a footballer, Johnpaul Etugha, 37, to death during a football match in Imo State.

It was reported that the incident happened on Tuesday, October 13, at the Ntu Primary School playground in Ngor Okpala State Local Government Area.

The victim, who was on the reserve bench, asked the suspect to stop encroaching on the pitch, according to an eyewitness, but he defied Etugha.

Infuriated, from the bench, the deceased stood and reprimanded the teenager, but he continued to impinging the pitch.

It has been said that Etugha took a stick and hit the teenager with it. The suspect reportedly grabbed a knife and stabbed the footballer in his chest in retaliation. he died On the spot.

“In our community, there is fear. This is unbelievable. After he (Etugha) used a stick against him, the boy used a knife to stab Johnpaul Etugha to death, “the witness said.

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