Mr V.ic ‘s coming out with a brand new song called “Blessings”

Mr. V.ic is an acronym for Mr. Victor, which is the last name of Otuu Chiabuotu Victor, his main name.

A born Ebonyi State of Nigeria who has been on the Nigerian pop music scene since 2015, got talented singing from the blood as all his siblings sing professionally.

He is the first artist of DONABEM Record Label, the fastest-growing label in today’s industry owned by Sir, a business mogul. Egwu (Ogbuebulike).

Mr. V.ic has done more than 20 collabos and has numerous unreleased tracks that he expects to release intermittently as the year passes.

His debut album is the track titled “Blessings”

He’s a fashionista who has mixed singing, rapping skills.

Mr. V.ic won the first prize in Southeast Talent Search in his first outing of 2018, a reward worth N2.5 m.

When things unfold, let’s get his musical talent on the screen.

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