Most of the Nigerian Music artistes have been so puzzling amid their relationship status quo, sometimes people wonder if it was actually because of the fame they had achieved that sourced the terrifying relationship status they enroll in each blessed year. Many of them have made two or three ladies a mother without any necessary marriage activities which have so far made those ladies their baby mama. According to prove, they had been one the most African musician who practice such pretty much tremendous.


Having achieved fame, some of these guys have earned two or three baby mamas whom they have kept under their name. This article would show you these stars who have gone so far with their relationship status, earning many ladies as theirs. With grin meet the Nigerian Music artistes and their baby mamas.



The great son of Adeleke is popularly known for his phenomena on his songs as he dashes out great songs to the whole world every year. He is also regarded as one of the top Music artistes Nigeria ever had having proved his worth so far with his songs

Despite all these, the Nigerian songwriter and singer poorly known as David Adeji Adeleke have a weaker part amid women’s status quo. He is regarded as one of the Nigerian top artiste with about three baby mamas to his name. He has gone so far with that. Below are Davido’s Baby mamas.


Cynthia Momodu

A cousin to ovation boss Cynthia momodu was Davido’s first baby mama. After the Dutchman achieved fame just after his hit Dami duro, he shocked the whole Nigerians when Cynthia’s momodu announced that he was responsible for her pregnancy and the father of her child I made who is now grown up already.

Everything wasn’t cool to Davido’s perspective as he tried to deny but DNA proved him wrong and he took the responsibilities as a father. As time went on Davido tried to claim the child over an alleged crime of Parenthood. Cynthia was pictured smoking while breastfeeding the child which never pleased Davido. He was unfortunate after several debates, Cynthia won. They are currently on a child love relationship not as lovers.



Not so long when everything seemed to have calmed, another prominence lady came up with a claim that Davido is the father of her daughter. Everyone was astonished about the news which got them streaming about such. It was clear to everyone that the claim was true after some DNA proves. The Nigerian songwriter and singer who is popularly known for his charities remained an image of astonishment to his fans after such, everyone believed he was so weak to women affairs.

It was confirmed on May 9, 2019, after the lady gave birth to Hailey. There was no choice left and the favorite Nigerian star took the responsibilities of the child. After the drama that happened earlier in us, it was believed that Amanda became his second baby mama. They are also on a child’s love relationship.

Chioma baby


She was pretty much the glowing and precious angel among other baby mamas because she was chosen by Davido willingly as a girlfriend before he impregnated her and made her his baby mama. Everyone was astonished after he announced tieing the knot with her in the year 2020 which got everyone talking. It’s yet to be confirmed but he is presently a proud father of a boy; brought to him to the world by the lucky Chioma.

He has so far proved his love upon her by doing and showing her the huge flashy lifestyles of his. He also sang a song to her.



Alongside his rival Davido, the boss king wizkid is also known for his weakness upon the ladies which has earned him three promising baby mama. Despite being the best in what he does he had so far shown his weaker part on women affairs.

The favorite holla at your boy star will always remain the great boss having earned three baby mamas to his name. If you aspire to know wizkid’s baby mamas, below are Wizkid’s baby mamas.


Shola ogudu

After wizkid achieved fame a promising beautiful lady surprised the whole world with the claim that he is the father to her son, Boluwatifa who became wizkid’s first son after some DNA results.

she introduced the child to the world in 2011 after several months they had affairs. She was just 19 years old when she conceived. It’s said that she is already his first baby mama. There is no doubt the boss wizkid had been taking responsibilities so far.


Diallo Binta

Everyone swallowed the mistake done previously but the great boss seemed to have another taste which also gave out a great result of pregnancy. With no doubt, the lady came out proving wizkid is a father to her son Ayodeji. Wizkid wasn’t pleased and denied but DNA test never favored him. He became the father making Diallo his second baby mama. There was no choice but to take the responsibilities as the father to her son.

Jada pallock baby

Jada pallock

when everything seemed to have dissolved the great boss got another claim from his manager Jada who claimed he is the father to her son Zion which shocked the whole fanbase. It was said that they were in secret affairs, no one knew they were in a relationship because the lady was his manager. After several DNA test, she was said to have become his third baby mama so far.

when everything seemed to have dissolved the great boss got another claim from his manager jada who claimed he is the father to her son Zion which shocked the whole fanbase. It was said that they were in secret affairs, no one knew they were in a relationship because the lady was his manager. After several DNA tests she was said to have become his third baby mama so far.



The great Ijele of Igbo land is also a member of astonishing relationship status who has had a child so far without even thinking of marriage. He is popularly known for his great qualities on his songs which has attracted tremendous fan base to his name but it seems he is weak referring to women affairs. Below are the flavour’s baby mamas.

Sandra Okagbue

Sandra Okagbue

It was believed earlier several years ago after a beautiful young lady came out with a prove that flavor was responsible for her pregnancy which resulted in a bouncing baby girl. Many fans were disappointed and never believed including the big man flavor. Everything swerved when a DNA test proved the girl worthy and he took responsibilities. The promising young lady was a model who was loved by flavor earlier before he got her pregnant. There Were a lot of proves, he was also spotted with her on a show where the lady was singing along with him. There is no doubt she is the flavour’s first baby mama.

Anna baby


Anner never believed flavour had already his first baby mama after the singer professed his love for her and she fell in love. Anna was the model on his music video golibe whom he professed his love for. Everyone wasn’t aware that they were already in a relationship with each other. It was believed that Anna became pregnant and everything flavour convinced her of swerved negative; she wasn’t the first girl. She was bittered but it was too late because she was already pregnant. There was no choice but to Bear the child whose flavor has taken full responsibility as the father. These are flavor’s relationship status so far.