The dairy section between Laycon and Big Brother today impressed fans on social media as “Biggie” advised Laycon on what to do for Erica about his feelings.

“Hello, Big Brother. Thanks, Big Brother for that. Well, I feel so many emotions. I feel really sad and optimistic. Ok, I’m attracted to a Housemate, but she’s just attracted to me mentally not physically, so I’m sad.

Can I get advice from the housemate I am attracted to in the house?”, Laycon asked Biggie.

Big brother: Laycon, matters of the heart could be fickled and at the end of the Day you need to respect your housemate decision or perhaps follow the friendship and if not then you need to be honest.

When asked about Tonight’s Wager Task, Laycon told Biggie:

What I have learned about the situation is that well everyone we look forward to this evening’s presentation.

Everyone is looking for the Challenge for Wager presentation. I ‘d sing a lot and I wrote a Poem, too.