Evih released his highly anticipated EP “Cruise“, In his words

“Cruise was made to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of people …. loved ones and their families during and after lockdown. You know when you are cruising in a boat or on the ocean.

The greatest feeling is to hang onto the rail at the ship’s edge and gaze into the sea and nature’s beauty, with the calming wind blowing your hair backward.

The way you feel is the dream I have when people listen to it, for The EP Cruise. I hope that is how they feel. My EP is on CRUISE. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE … pick it out

The EP is full of beautiful music and features Davido himself on Wonder Remix at OBO.

listen and share your thought below:

1. Love Stream | Download Mp3 Here

2. Down | Download Mp3 Here

3. Wonder Remix Ft. Davido | Download Mp3 Here

4. Belle Dancer | Download Mp3 Here

5. Pain Dem | Download MP3 Here

6. Artificial | Download Mp3 Here