Designer is back with a brand new freestyle track entitled “Hate Me Now.”

While his popularity has waned after “Panda” days, there is no denying that when he wants to, Designer can come up with a banger. It was just what he did before when he sampled Nas with the fitting title “Hate Me Now (Freestyle).”

Because we see the artist delivering some braggadocios lines, all while riding the beat to perfection, this is one of the most hard-hitting songs by Designer for quite some time.

Quotable Lyrics

You gon’ hate me now ’cause your bitch love my style (Style)
You gon’ hate me now ’cause my niggas livin’ wild (Wild)
You gon’ hate me now, I see an opp and I go “Bow” (Thraah, git)
You gon’ hate me now, I make your bitch keep goin’ down (Goin’ down)

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