Inspiration Girl from Adebayo is a melodious love song about the stunning lady who inspires him.

He paints the picture of a well-mannered and reserved lady who inspires him to be great.

Adebayo is an artist of pop / r&B. He was born in Lagos before moving to Russia and is now based in the United Kingdom where he makes headlines and gets accolades from big shots in the British Music scene.

Adebayo, while making music and encouraging underground, has been fine tuning his craft and getting better and better.

Makinde Adebayo is from state of Ondo. He mentions his musical influences BoysIIMen, Plantashun boiz and John Legend.

Inspiration girl is a single off his EP (which he explains as the best thing music has to happen). He wants to share it with his fans, because he feels there is

Listen below:-